Social Media Management

Developing your faithful fan base and managing your social media profiles is art – you must talk to your client 24/7 to convert them to your buyers.

We provide live support to your efforts on social media and we are always ready to engage with your audience while you are focusing on delivering quality products and services.

The results of social media advertising are visible in the number of likes, conversions, leads, shares, comments, and views. We provide the service of social network management on the most popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We create brand strategy that aligns content with the right sales channels. This means:

  • Competition analysis
  • Brand identity
  • Developing a marketing strategy, marketing plan, and identifying all available marketing channels
  • Running targeted campaigns on social networks
  • Training in independently managing your profiles on social networks
  • Be a Hollywood Star!

Video Production

How it works:

  • You tell us about your project: what is it that you would like to promote in the video (a service, a product, an idea…) – first brainstorming.
  • Our creative brains then start coming up with different scenarios, and we choose a few that might be interesting or have the potential.
  • We organize the second brainstorming session with you, and discuss the proposals – or come up with the new ones; then, we choose the winner and it’s back to the lab.
  • We organize casting, if necessary, do all the technical preps, and do the shooting.
  • Now the editor works his/her miracle and together with the sound crew they produce the pre-final version for you to see and approve. If you are happy, the video ad is then finalized and you can proudly present it to the world!
  • If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll identify all your suggestions for improvement, shoot new scenes (if necessary), and do all the adjustments so that you can be really proud of your new video ad!

You may also want to have a professional company video presentation, instruction video, education course or similar. Just let us know!

Describe your project and we will send you a detailed quote.

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  • graphic design
  • website development / app development
  • copywriting
  • SEO
  • content writing
  • branding, brand strategy and brand management
  • transcreation
  • video production and photography

Perfect for new companies that want to hit the ground running online and for established businesses yet to make the leap in the online world.

  • EUR 1,999.99

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