Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that your business is ready for the A-game, does your website look like you’re still in the lower rank?

Search engine optimization will help online algorithms understand better what you do and will help people find you when they search for the products or services that you offer.

Be warned: SEO is a long game and it rewards patience, consistence and persistence.

Once you are ready to start, we will do the following, among other:

  • analyze your website and identify the ‘weak links’
  • analyze the keywords in your industry and how you rank against competition
  • establish a winning strategy and the right mix of long and short tail keywords (focusing more on the long tail ones)
  • ensure that your website’s pages are optimized in respect of URL’s, titles, description, headers, body text, images
  • optimize images and videos
  • improve visibility of your physical store online and get more people knocking on your door
  • improve your presence in international search (for multilingual websites)

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Regularly updating your website with relevant texts is one of the keys to driving more traffic and better positioning in search engine results.

Turning your ideas into captivating texts that convert. Tell us about your product/service, and our copywriters will find their way with words to bring you more sales.

Invest in your business today.