This is mostly about spelling, especially handy with languages that have some rather complex grammar rules, such as Serbian, Russian, Hungarian, to name a few.

Bel Translations proofreaders go beyond simply running a spellcheck program (we’ll do that, too) and catch any mistakes that may arise from:

  • congruence of gender, number and case,
  • spelling mistakes that a spellchecker cannot identify (arising from meaning, and not necessarily from word form),
  • word choice (these may be either preferential changes that improve the text flow – in proofreader’s opinion, or mandatory changes resulting from improper use of a word),
  • style (again, these may be purely preferential, but generally they do improve the text).

There is some overlapping between the work of an editor and that of a proofreader, and often the editor does the job or part of the proofreader’s job, too.

The terms editing and proofreading are often mistakenly interchanged, but they are different. Simply put, editing is a thorough and, sometimes merciless chopping of text, while proofreading is about making minor adjustments to an already good copy.

Still not sure whether you need editing or proofreading? Get in touch.