Content Writing

This is a powerful and indispensable tool in every web marketer’s approach. Simply put, we refer to ‘content writing’ every time we need to write a text (normally a series of blog posts, articles, news) that brings value to our target audience, while helping us establish a good online reputation and reach more people online.

Interstingly, there is not one mention of the term ‘content writing’ in one of the most authoritative books in the field of marketing – ‘The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing’, by Lazar Dzamic and Justin Kirby.

Content writing is part of your wider SEO efforts, and it is important that your blog posts, your articles or any other written form you use to reach your audience is clearly related to what you do, filled with strategically placed keywords and key phrases that people use to find your business, while not being pushy or trying too hard.

  • content writing in multiple languages (most European languages are covered, and some of the major world languages as well)
  • content writers who know your industry (e.g. fashion, cars and trucks, forex markets, insurance, agriculture and agritech, artificial intelligence, etc.) 
  • clear texts that drive traffic to your website (especially if integrated in your SEO strategy and wider marketing efforts) 
  • insightful texts written on a given topic that will establish you as an authority in your field (over time, this will build your reputation and position you as a trustworthy source of information online – resulting in more business)

Invest in your business today.