+381 63 11 33 200 (Serbia)

+39 320 413 26 26 (Italy)



Stanka Vraza 21/1, 

11120 Beograd, Serbia

Or if you are trying to contact us from outer space…

…we’ll be equally happy to help you find your way around the complex maze of earthly bureaucracy, apply for residence permit, job, nationality or help you exchange your intergalactic driver’s license with the one that is valid in your new host country.

If you are coming with an ultimatum for the Earthians, we’ll make sure you get your conditions clearly translated so that no misunderstandings occur.

If you enjoyed our humor, imagine what we can do if we’re serious! 

Clients served +

We have mostly worked with other translation agencies as subcontractors, and with several small, medium or large private, public companies or multinational corporations.

Roughly 90% of our clients are return customers.

Words translated +

If one standard page is around 250 words, this is around 40,000 pages translated since 2010!

Languages +

With more than 6,000 languages in the world today, this number may look quite unimpressive. 

We’ve probably worked with more than 30 languages, but generally, this is the fair number of the bigger ones we generally work with.

Interpreting days +

Our interpreters have served in some of the most demanding interpreting settings – interpreting in business meetings, international conferences around Europe, and in business negotiations.

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