noocleo Website Translation

noocleo is a smart Italian company, working in information and communications technologies, innovative solutions, IoT, creative advertising, and more. They wanted to make their work available to the world by translating it in English. 

Check out the result at:

Bel Translations Website Copy

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you weren’t happy with your current website copy and wanted to do an overhaul? Did you know where to start?

Spartan Italia

Spartan Italia is an ecommerce venture I started beginning of 2018, focusing on the medium-high income male population and offering them premium, handmade, full-grain leather accessories, such as cellphone holders, cardholders, wallets, etc.

Mezija Website Translation

Mezija d.o.o. is a young Serbian company, owned by Italian partners, who decided to entrust not only the website translation from Italian into Serbian and English to Bel Translations, but also all of their other agriculture related materials, such as registration documents, brochures, marketing materials, SDS’s (safety data sheets), labels, etc.

See their English and Serbian versions of the website at:

GIZ brochures and publications

Since 2002, we have been closely working with the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ), providing not only regular interpreting services in seminars and trainings organized by GIZ, but also translating a number of official publications.

Interpreting on TV

Experience in some of the most important TV shows, from live studio broadcasts, to talent shows such as Tu si que vales!
And so much more.