From a Translation to a Communication Agency

We started out as a translation agency in 2010, and over the years we consolidated our collaborators base, narrowed the focus, while broadening the range of professional communications services: from web and digital design (website development, web and logo design), digital marketing (SEO, content writing, social media campaigns, blogging, copywriting), to brand consulting and strategy, while keeping translation and interpreting services at the core of our business.


Your documents translated by professionals into the languages you need.


International conferences, seminars, presentations or press conferences – we will provide the perfect solution so that every participant is fully engaged.


Our copywriting expertise will help you spread your ideas in a compelling way and help you reach your sales targets.

See your ideas and project expectations materialize.

Experience first-class responsiveness, a positive attitude and the level of technical competence needed to take your valued project from point A to point B, safely.

Čedomir Pušica

Čedomir is a communications professional and entrepreneur with experience in working for a Big Four corporation, the management side of a 400+ worker factory, and a major global mobile marketing provider, among other. Čedomir is a published author, public speaker, and a very friendly, approachable person. He keeps his mind sharp and focused through martial arts training.

Bojana Kovač

Social Media Manager
Born, raised and educated in Belgrade, Serbia where she still thrives both professionally and personally, Bojana Kovač is a true representative of creative, freedom-loving and successful women Serbia should be proud of. Bojana is a published author, trainer and conference speaker. She expresses her creativity daily as a social media and marketing manager.

Milojko Bjelanović

Web Developer
Milojko is a web developer, Linux system administrator and IT consultant. He is in love with nature and spends most of his free time outdoors, walking his dog and spending quality time with friends.

Suzana Bjelanović

Graphic Designer
More than 10 years in creating new and redesigning existing graphic solutions. Her visual communication projects in different areas of graphic design always have an artistic note to them. Her dynamic, playful character and courage are the main ingredients of her success.
  • Website
  • Website copy
  • Website translation
  • SEO (for 3 months)
  • Content writing (for 3 months) 
  • Social media support (for 3 months)
  • Graphic/logo design


Full speed ahead

Perfect for new companies that want to hit the ground running online and for established businesses yet to make the leap in the online world.

Your customers will appreciate:

  • your modern looking website
  • clear text describing what you do – translated in one other language of your choice!
  • how easy it is to find you online
  • your social community: people will start to follow your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…

Too good to be true?

We are happy to answer any questions.