Sworn Translations – now simpler

When do you normally start looking for a sworn translator?

Exactly. At the very moment you need them. Instead of changing this habit, I decided to set up a platform for all your sworn translation needs. It is called Overeno.com. It’s about to get into beta. And it will make your life easier.

Overeno.com = sworn translations.

The key idea is to help you, the client, get all your paperwork in order for the government or any governmental institution. It is not about saving you money, but time and hassle. Sworn translation (sometimes called ‘official translation’) is always just a means to an end. Concentrate on your main objective, and pay what it takes to do all that you cannot on your own.

Sworn translation is always just a means to an end.

How does it work?

In a perfect world, you would simply go to Overeno.com, select the document’s source and target language (e.g. if you have a Marriage Certificate and you need it translated from Spanish into Italian, you would select Spanish as source and Italian as target language), country of use (in which country will your document be used – this is important because we will always seek to hire sworn translators from that specific country; in some cases, governments will only accept translations done by local sworn translators), and the deadline. Then you would upload your document (whether as a scanned file, PDF or in any other format). Enter the address where you want your document to arrive, pay, and you are done.

However, since this is not a perfect world, make sure you understand what exactly it is that the government (or any other public or private institution) needs. Write it down. If you are unsure, let us know (you will find our contact information clearly displayed).

Make sure you understand what the government or other institution wants from you exactly.

Sometimes, you may have to authenticate the copy of your document before having it translated by a sworn translator. This is something you have to do on your own. Normally, you do this at your local court or at notary public’s office. Then, such authenticated copy of your file (hard copy) must be translated by a sworn translator and physically attached to the translation. Will we be able to help you? Yes. However, instead of uploading your document using our platform, you would have to send your authenticated copy (not the originals!) to the sworn translator whose contact details we will provide you with. It is recommended to use the postal service’s tracking function – although, no courier seems to guarantee 100% sure delivery (parcels get lost sometimes), this is by far the best way to track your documents and to raise a claim, should the need arise.

As you may have rightfully figured out, the above procedure may be a bit more complicated and time consuming. It is. Once you’ve had your documents authenticated and all, you may as well start looking for local sworn translators and contact them directly. It may be faster. It may be cheaper.

Why would I ever want to use Overeno’s services?

  1. Because you want to. You simply don’t want to search the internet, the yellow pages, local association’s directory, etc. You do the minimum you have to and have others do their part.
  2. Because sworn translators working with Overeno.com are qualified, they have been tested and their work is constantly monitored. Every sworn translator registered with Overeno.com is a full time professional, dedicated to your business.
  3. Because we know the market. We have an answer to all your questions or at least we’ll be able to direct you to someone who may be able to respond to all your queries.
  4. Because we deliver. We keep our promises and we actually make sure that you receive the translated documents at the specified address.
  5. Because you don’t have to deal with the translators yourself. Imagine a situation where neither you nor the translator speak the same language – yes, you may be a business and in charge of the legal, HR, marketing, or other function of your company.
  6. Because instead of dealing with multiple sworn translation vendors, you have a one-stop-shop, clear T&C, Privacy Policy, online payment function (credit cards accepted), single point of contact.
  7. Probably not last, but surely not the least because – remember when you start looking for a sworn translator? At the very moment you need them. With us, they are all in one place.

Now, with all this in mind, is there anything else you would like to see in Overeno’s offer? We are at the very beginning of a long journey, so that even minor input on your part may significantly influence the journey’s direction.