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Finance and Accounting, Agriculture, Corporate LegalMarketing, Education

Bridge to the Balkans, and beyond

Your documents translated by professionals into the languages you need. We specialize in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin. We also work with the more common languages used across the globe, such as English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German – or Indonesian.


Start selling abroad. Elevate your business.

Marketing and Advertising

Capture the essence of your excellence in all its forms

Website Development

Basic, Custom, Complex, App Development

Finance and Accounting

Integrity, data security, compliance with the IFRS and IAS terminology, and in-depth knowledge of corporate finance and accounting. From balance sheets and P&L’s to Chairman’s Letter and beyond, all things finance are in a bank vault with us. All sensitive information is kept confidential, while the message your audience will receive is fluent and accurate.

Corporate Legal

We love legal language. Actually, the kind of legal you find in contracts, disclaimers, agreements, and other corporate documents.

We have translated thousands of pages of legal content, including Sales Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, Labor Contracts, comparative law studies, Articles of Incorporation, Terms and Conditions, and similar. We are familiar with the local business legislation and terminology and well aware of the differences between different legal systems.


Translation and consulting in agriculture, including safety data sheets (SDS), agricultural product registration procedures, communication with ministerial bodies, labeling, and commercialization make part of our day-to-day activities. Not only are we specialized in agricultural translation, but we work closely with technical staff and managers of companies that sell fertilizers, agrochemicals and technical solutions for agriculture.


This is where my creative writing finds its way into the world, where words, concepts, intentions and human psychology converge. I have been behind many global brand campaigns, product launches, and advertising campaigns, working with several renowned US and UK marketing and communications agencies. I’ve helped several small businesses translate their websites from Italian into English and Serbian. Here you can see the translated websites and their source counterparts.


  • Full Marketing Package

  • Website Translation

  • Interpretation in Events

  • Internationalization

Whether you are running a targeted campaign or establishing long term presence with local insight, our copywriting expertise will help you spread your ideas in a compelling way and help you reach your sales targets.

One step beyond translation. This is translating ideas and truly communicating with your target audience in their own language. Your messages will have a true local appeal thanks to our deep market insight and copywriting experience. See your client base grow – along with revenue!

We will build your website, do the graphic design, create your logo, write your website copy, translate it in one language of your choice, and optimize it for search engines.

Our Team

Čedomir Pušica

Čedomir is a communications professional and entrepreneur with experience in working for a Big Four corporation, the management side of a 400+ worker factory, and a major global mobile marketing provider, among other. Čedomir is a published author, public speaker, and a very friendly, approachable person. He keeps his mind sharp and focused through martial arts training.

Bojana Kovač

Social Media Manager
Born, raised and educated in Belgrade, Serbia where she still thrives both professionally and personally, Bojana Kovač is a true representative of creative, freedom-loving and successful women Serbia should be proud of. Bojana is a published author, trainer and conference speaker. She expresses her creativity daily as a social media and marketing manager.

Milojko Bjelanović

Web Developer
Milojko is a web developer, Linux system administrator and IT consultant. He is in love with nature and spends most of his free time outdoors, walking his dog and spending quality time with friends.

Suzana Bjelanović

Graphic Designer
More than 10 years in creating new and redesigning existing graphic solutions. Her visual communication projects in different areas of graphic design always have an artistic note to them. Her dynamic, playful character and courage are the main ingredients of her success.

We Deliver.

Haven’t you always wanted to get exactly what you ask for from the companies you pay to do the job? To have it all ready by the time you specified? No lame excuses, no delays.

That is our mission. That is what we will give you. That is why we deliver.

Experience first-class responsiveness, a positive attitude and the level of technical competence needed to take your valued project from point A to point B, safely.

Invest in your business today. | +39 320 413 2626 (Italy) & +381 63 11 33 200 (Serbia)

Truth, honesty and integrity

These are our guiding principles. They mean responsibility and accountability, being fair and delivering on one’s promises, and holding oneself to high moral and ethical standards.

Our mission is to eliminate communication barriers and facilitate the flow of ideas and wealth between people. 

Our vision is that of a linguistically diverse world where individuals and organizations can nevertheless understand each other perfectly.

Invest in your business today.